• My client asked me to design a space that would transform a third floor storage space/makeshift playroom into a fun and inspiring space that could grow with her preteen son. He needed a space where he could sleep, study, and game/watch TV.
  • THE CHALLENGES: unused dormer space, awkwardly placed windows along the back of the room, and different ceiling heights.
  • THE POSITIVES: the house’s location on the lake (!!!), hardwood floors, full bath, and lots of square footage.

My Design Solution – Part I

We divided and conquered!

  • By placing a wall from the front of the space to the back, a bedroom suite with closet was created. I added a transom window above the bed wall (it’s above the bookshelves on the other side) to bring daylight into this quirky space that only had two small windows. In a long dormer in the bedroom, I had a bookcase built in to create a little reading nook.
  • The existing door to the bathroom and the new barn door to the sleep space are aligned; it’s easy for anyone in the living space to dash into the bathroom. With the wall up, all the varying ceiling heights were contained in the bedroom.  I made the decision to create cozy nooks, thus celebrating the varying heights. The walls were painted a cozy, mid-value grey.

My Design Solution – Part II

  • We built a no-procrastination zone! I designed a work space where the homeowner’s son could spread his books out and integrated it into a new wall of bookcases for his many books and treasures. The desk is built in to a dormer and topped with walnut, making it look like it has always been there. It’s an airy, inspiring place to work!
  • We selected a complementary color scheme of blue and orange, which appears in the furnishings. The walls of the hang-out/study space were painted an off-white and ceiling was kept white, with the idea of creating a space in which to spread out and breathe; the room feels light, bright, and airy
  • The furniture is a mixture of high/low price and custom/retail. For example, money was spent on the sectional, which would get lots of use, but the headboard was a retail piece that came in a performance fabric.

My Design Solution – Part III

  • We brought the outside inside! By moving and adding windows so that there are three pairs along the back wall of the living space, the room now feels as if you’re out on the lake!
  • I designed a custom barn door with iron hardware to separate the bedroom/bath and living spaces.
  • In spite of the fact that this is a traditional space in a traditional home, I wanted the space to feel young and hip. The game table is in a custom vibrant red-orange with mid-century wishbone-style chairs. The floor pillows are also custom and done in fabrics with Native American motifs. Also, I selected inexpensive art that has energy and humor.
  • There’s tons of seating for her son and friends and family.
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